IMTS is one of the most trusted distances learning counseling services from India.

IMTS is one of the most trusted distances learning counseling services from India. We provide our extended service in the Oman, UAE and some parts of the Middle East. As a pioneer of distance learning in India and with one of the widest networks of colleges we offer you enormous professional benefits including:

IMTS Institute Advantages

  1. Vocational Courses: Other than the generic courses, we offer you a variety of vocational courses to pursue your professional goals better, getting a chance to learn from the industry experts.
  2. Academic Courses: We offer you a diploma, graduate, postgraduate and other certifications in major academic disciplines such as science, arts, technology, management and more.
  3. Globally Accredited Universities: You can trust our services and quality of the support we provide by knowing our network of universities formed. We have one of the widest networks of globally accredited universities.
  4. Attestation Services: We help you get an authentication seal on your earned certificate from the concerned department. We offer you an integrated service set that helps you throughout your learning curve.
  5. Career Counselling: We offer you end to end counseling right from finding the right course as per your professional needs to finding the right university to attestation.

IMTS Institute Advantages | Career Counseling | Globally Attestation : IMTS Institute is to encourage distance learning so that everyone has the opportunity to receive an education and not be held back by distance constraints, time, or financial constraints. As we know, distance learning and distance education are terms used to describe a situation in which a student does not have to attend classes regularly. However, IMTS assists you in completing the course as if it were a regular course by allowing you to complete all of the educational tasks from the comfort of your own home or through online education. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to study and work without worrying about money.

IMTS Institute Vocational Courses

Aside from general courses, IMTS offers a selection of vocational courses to help you achieve your professional goals while learning from industry professionals.

A vocational course focuses on hands-on learning and prepares students for a specific trade or skilled job. This is contrary to more conceptual and theoretical subjects like mathematics, philosophy, and history, which might lead to a wide range of careers. On the other hand, all vocational courses from IMTS are geared to provide learners with the skills they will need to enter the workforce. These courses are beneficial for people who have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish with their lives and are willing to put in the effort.

Historically these courses are not valued much, but it depends on the course level and the service you are getting for this course. The vocational courses offered by IMTS are of great value and carry the potential to positively change one’s career.

IMTS Institute Academic Courses

Academic courses cover the fundamental concepts of the discipline as well as related topics. These courses improve learners’ knowledge and abilities by focusing on theoretical, abstract implementations of the course’s core topics and practical applications.


The team of IMTS is working on providing various graduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses. We grant you certification for the major academic fields like arts, management, science, technology, and many others through these courses.


We provide benefits to the learners through an approachable ecosystem for such courses. In this context, we set a proper understanding between teacher and student and provide valuable content and short programs.


IMTS Institute Globally Accredited 

Before going to discuss the universities, let us first discuss what accreditation is? It is a mechanism that is used to recognize institutions that satisfy certain quality criteria. Accreditation serves to ensure the students, parents, society, and other associates of an institution’s excellence and adherence to high standards through a continuous improvement method.


The universities we accredit for are all recognized at the world level, hence providing a benefit for students to not be confused about the choice of university.


The universities accredited with IMTS are all well-versed and advanced. IMTS, with accreditation to these universities, is always on the path to success and counseling students for these. Recognizing our system of colleges, everyone can trust our expertise and the reliability of the assist we provide.

IMTS Institute Attestation Services

The method of determining the identity of a paper and announcing its legitimacy by linking it to the signature of the confirming personnel is known as attestation.

IMTS understands that authenticated documents are now required whether you are planning to enroll your child in school or relocating to another country. The concept of document verification is a sign or a symbol in and of itself for certifying a certificate’s legitimacy. Because there are millions of people traveling abroad for work, immigration, or other reasons, paperwork is one of the most critical things you must accomplish. If your paperwork is incomplete or incorrect, you may have problems staying in a different nation.

When moving for attestation of documents, one will have to go through the following types of attestations:

  • State Attestation
  • MEA Attestation
  • Embassy Attestation

Thus it is a lengthy process that a person can do by wasting a lot of time. IMTS, for this reason, is providing its services for such persons who need their attestation done without any effort. Our services are reliable, and there is no chance of an error or no chance for a document to be illegitimate after our attestation service.


IMTS Institute Advantages Career Counseling

Career counseling is a process that depends on assisting individuals in better understanding themselves as well as current workplace trends so that they may make informed decisions about their education and careers.


IMTS Institute Advantages genuine career counselor:

A true Career Counsellor is the epitome of sound advice that is why it is the most crucial component of any career guidance process. IMTS being a career counselor, provides guidance from the expert of the relevant industry. As a good career counselor, IMTS problem solver, an observer, and a keen listener to your problems, and knows enough about a variety of disciplines to help you make career selections.

Below are the advantageous techniques that are provided by our career counseling service as:

  • Creating a therapeutic partnership
  • Identifying objectives
  • Making space for self-discovery
  • Knowing how to navigate the employment market
  • Assisting in the transformation of life themes into future career