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Updated On - March 8th 2018


Bachelor of Science in Distance Education physics mathematics chemistry distance education  : Bachelor of Science in Distance Education is a degree course completed in Science stream. It is also called Bachelor of Science. This is such a course that is done by a majority of students around the world. The duration of the course is 3 years though in some countries it is 4 years. In India, it is generally 3 years. The students have to study 5 subjects during the course. The combinations, of course, are limited. The major subjects are Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Mathematics is also major subject. The subsidiary subjects can be anything other than the major subjects. A person doing B.Sc in It, B sc Chemistry in distance education can have b sc in mathematics Distance education and Botany as the subsidiary subjects. The courses are available either on regular or distance education system basis.
  1. BSc in Biology
  2. BSc in Chemistry
  3. BSc in Physics
  4. BSc in Biochemistry
  5. BSc in Computer Science
  6. BSc in Electronics
  7. BSc in Environmental Science
  8. BSc in Math
  9. BSc in Zoology
  10. BSc in information technology
Who should do Bachelor of Science in Distance Education:-
The course is not for everyone. The students with very high knowledge of Science and Math should go for the courses. The person needs to have a logical explanation for everything that happens around him. The courses involve lots of mathematics and calculation and sp the one who finds himself better in math should go for BSc in distance education. Also it may need proper knowledge of chemistry (In Chemistry ,Mathematics Information technology and physics stream) and so the person who has better knowledge of these subjects should go for the courses. In some colleges there are entrance tests that are held before admission. The student must have the ability to crack it. It is always advised to check oneself before taking admission in BSc In distance education courses.
Bachelor of Science in Distance Education Specialization:-
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BSc in Mathematics
  • BSc in Food Technology
  • BSc in Information technology
  • BSc in Optometry
  • BSc in Anatomy
  • BSc in IT
  • Bsc in physics
  • The students get chances to enhance their curiosity level to know the scientific phenomenon happening around.
  • It gives a chance to work and travel around the world.
  • The jobs wait for them nationally and internationally.
  • The students have several options to switch from one company to another.
Jobs Bachelor of Science in Distance Education bsc it distance education Bachelor of Science in Delhi Bangalore pune kerala mumbai jaipur coimbatore and india
So far it was considered that science graduate can get jobs in Science fields only but things are changing now. Nowadays the training is provided in such a way that the non-scientific areas are also looking for the BSc in Distance education graduates. They are also able to set up own business. Several freelancers are graduates in Science.
Job Type:-
  • Anaesthesiologist
  • Biology Researcher
  • Chemist
  • Clinical Research Specialist
  • Cytologist
  • Dairy Technologist
  • Doctor
  • Ecologist
  • Geneticist
  • Lecturer
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Marine ecologist
  • Oceanographers
  • Pharmacist
  • Plant Biochemist
  • Science Adviser
  • Taxonomist
  • Toxicologist

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