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Updated On - March 9th 2018


M.Sc Distance education

Year IYear II
Mathematical PhysicsElectromagnetic Theory
Classical and Statistical MechanicsQuantum Mechanics
ElectronicsSpectroscopy and Nuclear Physics 32
Condensed matter PhysicsPractical II : Electronics Experiments
Practical I : General ExperimentsProject (Project – 75 and Viva – 25)


Year IYear II
Organic Chemistry IOrganic Chemistry II
Inorganic Chemistry IInorganic Chemistry II
Physical Chemistry IPhysical Chemistry II
Polymer ChemistryPhoto Chemistry
Spectroscopy ISpectroscopy II
Nano Materials and Green ChemistryEnvironmental Chemistry
Organic Chemistry : Practical IOrganic Chemistry : Practical II
Inorganic Chemistry : Practical IInorganic Chemistry : Practical II
Physical Chemistry : Practical IPhysical Chemistry : Practical II


Year IYear II
AlgebraComplex Analysis
AnalysisMathematical Statistics
Differential EquationsFunctional Analysis
General TopologyPaper : Differential Geometry (or) Difference Equation
Optional Paper : Mechanics (or) Fluid DynamicsOptional Paper : Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory (or) Numerical Methods


Year IYear II
Functional Morphology of Invertebrates and Chordates, Cell and molecular BiologyBiochemistry
Advanced Genetics, Basic Concepts of Microbiology and ImmunologyBasic Concepts of Biotechnology and Evolution and Taxonomy
Biostatistics and Computer ApplicationsAnimal Physiology and Medical Laboratory Techniques
Environmental Science and Developmental BiologyOptional Subject – I Applied and Storage Entomology, II – Sericulture
Practical I (Paper 1 to 4)Practical II (Paper 5 to 8)


Year IYear II
Algae, Fungi, Lichens, Plant Pathology and BryophytesCell Biology and Genetics
Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Pale BotanyMicrobiology and Biotechnology
Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Economic importantPlant Physiology and Biochemistry
Plant Anatomy, Embryology and Micro TechniquesPlant Ecology and Phytogeography
Practical I (Theory Paper I & II)Practical III (Theory Paper V & VI)
Practical II (Theory Paper III & IV)Practical IV (Theory Paper VII & VIII)


Year IYear II
General MicrobiologyMedical Microbiology
Microbial Genetics and Immunology 35Soil and Environmental Microbiology
Applied MicrobiologyBiotechnology
Biostatistics and BioinstrumentationMain Practical II
Main Practical IProject Work

Bio Technology

Year IYear II
Cell BiologyGenetic Engineering
BiomoleculesImmunology and Immuno Technology
Microbial Physiology and GeneticsEnzymology and Enzyme Technology
Molecular BiologyBioprocess Engineering and Technology
Plant BiotechnologyEnvironmental Biotechnology
Animal BiotechnologyFood and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Research Methodology in BiotechnologyBioinformatics, IPR and Bioethics
Practical I : Lab in Cell Biology, Bimolecular, Microbial Physiology and Genetics and Molecular BiologyPractical III (Lab in Genetic Engineering, Immunology and Immunotechnology)
Practical II : Lab in Plant and Animal BiotechnologyPractical IV (Lab in Enzymology and Enzyme Technology, Bioprocess Engineering and Technology)
Dissertation / Project Work Reports (150),Viva – Voce (50)

Environmental Science

Year IYear II
Energy and EnvironmentNatural Resources and Conservation
Environmental PollutionEnvironmental Engineering
Environmental ToxicologyEnvironmental Impact Assessment, Audit and Economics
Instrumentation Methods of AnalysisMain Practical II : Waste Water Treatment
Main Practical I : Air Water, and Soil AnalysisProject Work


Year IYear II
Electronic Devices and Applications of IC'sWireless Communication
Advanced MicroprocessorAdvanced Networks
Digital and Optical Communication EngineeringC++ and JAVA Programming
Power Electronics and VLSI DesignPractical II (Microprocessor and Communication Lab)
Practical I (Electronics Lab I)Dissertation/Project Work (Project Report–75, Viva Voce–25)

Tele Communication

Year IYear II
Analog, Digital ElectronicsWireless and Mobile Communication
Analog, Digital and Optical CommunicationMicrowave and Radar Communication
Telecommunication and Cellular SystemsC++ and JAVA Programming
Advanced MicroprocessorsPractical II (Communication Lab II)
Practical I (Communication Lab I)Dissertation/Project Work (Project Report–75, Viva Voce–25)


Year IYear II
Scientific basis of Siddha and YogaMedicinal herbs and their commercial values
96 Siddhar thathuvams (Siddha Physiology)Siddhar's Sara Payirchi (Control over Breathing) 34
Fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga from Patanjali yoga sutraRole of Yoga in health and diseases
Concepts of Yoga practicesYogic concepts in Tirumandiram
Traditional methods of Social and Preventive ScienceResearch Methodology in Siddha and yoga
Practicals IPracticals II

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