Term and Condition

To function successfully and efficiently for the benefit of our stakeholders, consumers, and the community, Imtsol.in is committed to the protection and safeguarding of personal data. However, it is essential to protect user privacy by handling personal data in an authorized and appropriate manner. We, therefore, added something we’ve referred to as the privacy policy.


The goal of this policy is to protect the private information of all of our clients. This policy is meant to inform people of the essential principles in the treatment by the Company of personal information, of people who visit, use, handle, and/or conduct business via the Imtsol.in website, as well as of a guest user and a browser.


This policy’s objective is to outline how Imtsol.in gathers, utilizes, and disseminates information about our clients through the online channels we control and own, such as our website and mobile application. This policy’s other objective is to provide details on how Imtsol.in safeguards data security, sends data and handles requests from data subjects.


The Company also agrees to ensure that these and other pertinent rules are followed by all of its employees. The organization works hard to ensure that your personal information is always protected by third parties who process data on Imtsol.in behalf.

Imtsol.in provides online and remote coaching, chosen and especially designed for higher education and business. All of our services are covered in this Privacy Policy unless otherwise stated.

Sources For Getting Data

The Company either gets data directly from users or by how they use our sites. Data are obtained.

Sources Of The Data Gathered

  • Sign up for various seminars, webinars, or other initiatives we offer.
  • Request a quote for one of the many products or services we offer.
  • Place your feedback, complete any consumer questionnaires that have been provided, or contact our customer service online.
  • View our offerings or go to our website.
  • When you are applying for an online scholarship examination or another type of evaluation.

Information Security Guidelines

When a third party handles data on Imtsol.in behalf, we make every effort to keep your personal information safe from these parties. We acknowledge that any personal information preserved in manual records or on computers must be handled, monitored, and regulated before being stored and kept.

The Company shall collect and retain all Personal Information:

  • Collected ethically, lawfully, and transparently for definite, articulable, and defensible goals
  • Gathered for specific, unambiguous, and legitimate purposes.
  • Be adequate, pertinent, and limited to what is necessary for processing.
  • Continually update with accuracy. Every effort will be made to guarantee that inaccurate information is immediately removed or updated.
  • Processed in a way that ensures acceptable personal data security, including protection from unauthorized or illegal processing, using appropriate organizational or technological safeguards, accidental loss, destruction, or damage.
  • Followed by the relevant regulations and rules when transferring personal data internationally.


What kind of data are you gathering?

We automatically gather data about your website usage using analytics technologies from Google Analytics. For instance, the sites you view, your location, and how you accessed the website. These programmes turn data into statistical reports using your IP address and a cookie ID.

We make use of functions in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, as well as other advertising platforms that enable us to advertise to you and track your interests and demographics. These techniques display advertisements based on your previous activities on our website by using cookies and other data.

Why Are You Gathering My Information?

We utilize the information gathered better to understand the patterns and functionality of our website as well as to keep track of our marketing initiatives.

How Will You Use This Information?

We use the information gathered to enhance the user experience on our website by making both content and technical improvements. For instance, our reports can let us know if any website pages are loading too slowly.

How Long Will My Data Be Processed By Us?

After two years, the main Google Analytics cookie expires. 

Additionally, Google Analytics sets up supplemental cookies that vanish as soon as you leave a website.

What Are My Legal Rights, And How Do I Stand Up For Them?

  • Right to revoke the agreement
  • Right to information
  • The ability to limit processing
  • Right to protest

Personal Information

Your name and address, as well as any other personal information you submit through the website, will only be used for the indicated purposes. This information will never be traded, sold, or licenced to outside parties. We never give personal information about website visitors to direct marketing firms or other organizations of a similar nature.

Submission Forms, Questionnaires

Additionally, Imtsol.in has the ability to gather personal data submitted through online forms and surveys. If you, the user, choose at the time of submission, this information will only be used for further communications and won’t be given to any third parties.

By providing your personal information online, you authorize us to use it for the express purpose of carrying out business. If you ever decide that you no longer want to receive communications from us, simply reply with the word “unsubscribe” or click the unsubscribe link in the email.


Only our employees and students who have logged in with their usual university credentials can access some portions of our website. Cookies are used in this secure access system, but they are solely used for identifying purposes and are removed at the conclusion of each session. All log-in sessions are recorded with the date, time, and user ID, and these logs may be used for troubleshooting or diagnostic purposes.

Activity Log

All requests to access site material, along with the IP address of the requesting machine, are automatically recorded by our systems. As mentioned above, this is a typical feature of web serving technology, and we solely use these logs for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.

Observation And Disclosure

Please be aware that we may need to release information or conduct more thorough surveillance in certain situations.