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Computer Engineering in South Africa

Online Distance Learning Computer Engineering in South Africa Computer Engineering is the field which is a combo study of software system development and hardware system development to reform the efficacy of the modern business world allied to IT’s and non IT’s.

Program Essentials: Online distance learning computer engineering in South Africa is a 4-year of course study and can be undertaken after 12th completion.

Career Prospectus: Computer Engineering is the hiking technology as per today’s advanced and tech savvy world hence opportunities are increasing with several job titles day by day in diverse business industries.

 Some job roles can be found:-

·         System Engineer

·         Hardware & Network Engineer

·         System Administrator

·         Software Engineer

·         Project Head

·         Project Planner

·         System Analyst

·         Production Head

·         Production Planner

·         Project Coordinator

·         Database Analyst

·         Technical Head

·         Technical Engineer

Curriculum: Scholars will be required to learn the stated down subjects yearly in their course study of online distance learning computer engineering in South Africa:-


·         Mathematics-I

·         Physics-I

·         Chemistry

·         Engineering Graphics

·         Mathematics II

·         Physics-II

·         Computer Programming

·         Information Technology

·         Basic Civil & Mechanical Engineering


·         Electric Circuit Theory

·         Electronic Devices & Circuits

·         Database Management Systems

·         Logic Design

·         Computer Organization

·         Electronic Instrumentation & Measurements

·         Digital Electronics

·         Data Structures

Year 3

·         Engineering Economics

·         Introduction to System Software

·         Theory of Computation

·         Micro Processor Based Design

·         Numerical Analysis

·         Control System Theory & Analog Computation

·         Operating System

·         Data Communication

Year 4

·         Industrial Engineering

·         Computer Networks & Protocols

·         VLSI Design

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Project Work

·         Computer Graphics

·         Analysis of Algorithms

·         Computer Graphics

·         Computer Architecture

·         Introduction to Distributed Computing

·         Project Work

*Subjects will be changeable with future needs.


ü  Institute of Management & Technical Studies

IMTS is a well know institute in autonomous education industry that exists with variety of courses in management and engineering in various specializations, information technology and other diploma courses.

Admission in IMTS: A very ease process can be followed in IMTS not merely during admission even after admission too like study process, examination and result etc. cause all can be done via online way.

A student can fill up the application form and pay fee online on our institute’s website and can get enrolled for online distance learning computer engineering in South Africa and from worldwide locations.

Fee shall be made in the form of online payment such can incorporate net banking, debit card, credit card and money gram etc.


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