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Withdrawal and Refund Policies

Withdrawal Policy

All withdrawal requests must be sent to the Continuing Education Registrar in writing and must include the following information: your full name, the course you are enrolled in, the certificate program you are enrolled in, and if applicable, the term you are enrolled in and your reason for withdrawing. Requests to withdraw will not be accepted over the phone. Notifying an instructor does not constitute an official request to withdraw from a course. Requests to withdraw must be emailed to  or mailed to:

IMTS Institute
G 38, 2nd floor,
Sector 3, Noida,
U.P.- 201301, India.

All withdrawals from courses need to be received prior to Friday of week 2 of the term. No withdrawals will be accepted after this date. A failing grade will be issued unless the withdrawal request is received by the Continuing Education Registrar prior to Friday of week 6 of the term of a given course.

If a student is requesting an exception to the withdrawal policy for medical reasons, please see the Medical Withdrawal/Transfer section below for information on this process. If a student feels they have extenuating circumstances other than medical reasons and wish to request an exception to our policy, please send an email to Students should make sure to include as much detail as possible. The request for an exception based on extenuating circumstances will be reviewed and a decision will be provided via email.

Please note students are expected to have reviewed the computer requirements for each course and to have purchased required materials in advance of the course beginning. Computer or software issues are not cause for an exception to the withdrawal/refund policies. If a student is experiencing issues with their hardware or software they can contact IMTS Online’s Student Support via telephone at +91-9210989898 or by email at, or try to make alternate arrangements to continue active participation with their course.

Medical Withdrawal and Transfers

Students who need to delay their online course or certificate program for medical reasons may be eligible to transfer their course(s) to a future term. A medical withdrawal or transfer will be considered only if accompanied by a written verification from a medical doctor on letterhead stating the student cannot complete the term due to an illness or disability. Please note the doctor’s note must be in English to be considered. The transfer will not be allowed if a student fails to submit medical documentation to the Continuing Education Registrar prior to the end of week 4 of the term. 

The request for a medical withdrawal or transfer must be sent in writing to the following address:

IMTS Institute
G 38, 2nd floor,
Sector 3, Noida,
U.P.- 201301, India.

Requests can also be faxed to +91-9210989898 or emailed to

Student Refunds

Students who are granted a loan by a third party institution may receive a disbursement check larger than the actual tuition amount due. IMTS Online will notify the student of any over payment of tuition via email and will refund students for any over payments within two to three weeks after receiving a written request for a refund. Requests can be sent to and should include a mailing address for where the check can be sent.

Students who elect to withdraw from a course or program and are due a refund will receive their check within two to three weeks after the refund request has been received.

Students should be aware of the following details:

If a student’s payment was made by check, your refund will be in the form of a check.

If payment was made by credit card every attempt will be made to process your refund back to the card used within 30 days. In the event we are unable to do so the refund will be in the form of a check.


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