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Engineering Courses in Distance Education

Technical Courses

We offer's different type of technical course for Diploma, Bachelor and Master program. Following is the list of different technical program we offer:

  1. D.E / D. Tech (Click here)
  2. B.E / B.Tech (Click here)
  3. M.E / M.Tech (Click here)

IMTS institute is a good choice to complete the course in autonomous mode

Amrit, BBA
Kovid Ralli

IMTS institute is the place where experts understand student's requirements and meet them in the best suitable way.

Kovid Ralli, MCA

Services offered by the institute are qualitiative and time bound.

Naveen, BBA
Sunish Anuja

IMTS is the best choice for doing course in distance mode

Sunish Anuja, B.Com

If you want good service, timly response, reliable commitments, than IMTS is the place

Ashutosh, MBA IT