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Visual communication skills

There are primarily 3 components in communication: words, tone of voice, and non-verbal behavior as well as facial expressions, gestures, and posture. These also are referred to as the three “V”s: Verbal, Vocal, and Visual. Thus a visual communication skills may be divided into 2 parts:

  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal
For example; if someone says that he's honest, then the verbal half is “I am honest”, but if he tries to evade eye contact, feels sweat, fumbles or look anxious then this half is counted as the visual communication. Thus visual communication is a very important element of human communication. This comprises all features of communication like moving of your hands whereas you are putting efforts to elucidate one thing or the nervousness that you simply show during interview are all totally different components of visual communication skills.
Body language is totally different from the symbol language; visual communication could be a sort of mental and ability of human non-verbal communication, including body posture, gesture, facial expressions, and eye movements. Individuals send and understand such indications completely subconsciously. These symbols and signals are one thing that's very taken care of at the time of interview and verify the choice of right contender. Physical expressions like waving, pointing, touching and slumped are all styles of nonverbal communication and are a part of visual communication skills. The learning of body movement and expression is thought as kinesics. Varied studies prove that movement of body components throughout communication tends to ease the mental tension of personalities.

Physical Expression

Body language is here in our life at every moment. Each time we have a tendency to see another individual in reality, visual communication are going to be used. Hand gestures, smiling, use of eye brows etc. are all a part of visual communication. Typically we do not realize what impact this stuff has in our daily lives or one thing special in our life like an interview or a contest. Some folks look very certain; whereas some tend to feel back begin to lose their self-belief at some specific scenario. This is often all associated with the visual communication. Few essential physical expressions are:

Eye contact:

Eye contact could be a very strong visual communication skills reading technique. Constant eye contact specify that someone is thinking absolutely of what the opposite person is discussing about and is sort of within the command of directions that are being given to him by the other person. It will express several alternative messages like taking off the eyes offers a robust message that the person does not belief the speaker enough. If someone is evading an eye-contact, it may specify that someone is lying. Lack of eye contact will point out pessimism. On the other hand few humans have anxiety disorders and infrequently unable to form eye contact out of anxiety. Eye contact may be secondary and dishonest gestures as a result of cultural norms concerning it differ wide from place to position and faith to faith. If somebody is staring at you, however is creating the arms-across-chest signal, the attention contact may well be indicative that one thing is bothering the person, which he needs to speak concerning it. Or if whereas creating direct eye contact, someone is twiddling with one thing, even whereas directly staring at you; it might indicate that the eye is elsewhere. If the person stares from one eye to the other, then to the forehead, then it's a sign of the authoritative position of the person. Throughout an interview someone talking with an eye fixed contact offers a sign of his confidence level and is usually most well-liked over the others who fail to try and do thus.

Hands and arms:

One of the foremost essential and dominant body-language signals is once someone crosses his or her arms across the chest that may well be might indicative of the actual fact that someone is making an attempt to place up a obstacle between themselves and isn't probing about contact. But some hand connected gestures like rubbing of hands point out that person is feeling cold. Once the general scenario is amicable, it will offer a sign that someone is thinking deeply concerning no matter is being mentioned, however in an exceedingly serious or resistance scenario, it will mean that someone is expressing opposition to the actual issue being mentioned which can even be evident from another sign if the person is leaning removed from the speaker. A harsh or blank facial feature typically indicates outright hostility of the perceiver.


Handshake could be a easy act after 2 humans enlarge their hands towards one another after they meet. Plenty may be taken from the means of the acknowledgement. A robust acknowledgement could be a clear indication of an intellectual temperament. A loose acknowledgement is a sign of lethargic behavior of the person and additionally indicates non-seriousness of a specific person towards the opposite person. We ne'er rely on this stuff however this matters plenty once you enter into calling. A loose acknowledgement at the time of interview would damage your initial impression and would cause enquirer losing his attention in you.

Posture and composure:

A lot concerning you'll be puzzled out from your attitude. Whereas a straight good pose is a sign of power, self-confidence and intellectual temperament of someone, and forever offers a transparent indication of the positive angle of that specific person. Someone with accurate posture always strike others. On the opposite hand someone with very lose pose together with his hands resting on table throughout interview can ne'er be able to amaze his interviewers. Thus one must be very careful concerning these little things so as to form an enormous impact. An inappropriate attitude might provide a sign of dissatisfaction.

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